How to Succeed in Life

Checklist: What to Do & Not Do

In my experience, success is measured by who you have become. It’s measured in the good qualities you have developed as a human being. People may accomplish great things in this world and make a lot of money and the masses may think this is success, yet is it really?  I think there is as many definitions of success as there are people on this planet.
In my opinion, when you choose to develop “success traits” or “success habits”, you will move through life with greater ease and flow. Success shows up in a way of thinking and behaving.  When you choose to abandon childish habits/ways of thought and embrace mature, good habits that lead you to greater fulfillment and happiness, success will occur more naturally and easily in your life and reality.
I’ve compiled a list of things to be and do to create more positive successes in your life and business. Following that is a list of what not to do if your truly want to be successful in life.  Remember that each day the choice is yours to either choose to develop success habits or to relapse into childish behavior.  Remember to choose as wisely as you can in each moment. Your decisions will have far-reaching effects in your life and others as well.
  • Be grateful. Gratitude is an abundance mindset that opens you to new possibilities and overall makes you a happier + more fulfilled person.
  • Be kind. Be the source of positive ripples in the world. You have no idea how it may return.
  • Be patient. A wise man once said “patience is the path to maturity.”
  • Be encouraging. There is an abundance of negativity in the world. Build people up rather than tearing them down.
  • Be generous. The more you give the better you feel. Want to feel really good? Give generously of your abundance. It may be your time, your thoughts, your energy, and sometimes your money.
  • Be supportive. So many have been supportive of you though the years whether you realize it or not. Give it back generously and the support will return to you.
  • Be appreciative. Don’t be like the old saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Realize the blessings you have right now before they are gone. Tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them. Be appreciative of what freedom you may have right now. Appreciate having food, clothing, and shelter. Not everyone has these basic human needs.
  • Be teachable/coachable. When you are willing to learn and willing to makes positive changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes your life will gradually improve.
  • Be open + willing. Being closed off can hold you back from seeing an opportunity that may be right in front of you.
  • Learn to forgive your self/others and let go of the past. The way things were years ago does not have to determine the way things are today. Try your best to release old stagnant beliefs and immature viewpoints that no longer serve you and those in your life.
  • Do your best. Whatever task you may be doing, do your best at it. Every action you make affects others and has far reaching effects. Imagine a world where everyone gave their genuine best effort in everything…
  • Be positive + optimistic. This may take practice to make it a habit. The mind can be quite negative at times. Best to allow it to do what it does without getting annoyed with it. The mind will settle down as you install the habit of daily meditation.
  • Sleep well. A good nights sleep contributes to better overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If there are factors preventing this for you, try looking for solutions to getting a better night sleep. Help is available if you search for it.
  • Install good habits. It can take 3-4 weeks to install a new habit in your life by doing it daily. Want a positive transformation to happen? Make the commitment to developing a good habit. This is what highly successful people do. They develop success traits by making it a habit to do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do.
  • Practice Daily Meditation. Simply sitting quietly while focusing on your breathing for 5-10 minutes a day will begin transforming your life for the better. Making this simple practice a daily habit will centre/relax/calm you and you will see more and more benefits show up in your life as you continue meditating every day.
  • Exercise Daily. Keep it simple or you won’t do it. Start small if you’re out of shape and increase gradually as your body can handle it. Set simple goals like: step goals, distance goals, number of flights climbed, etc. Using apps in your phone can help you easily keep track of your progress and will help you stay on track.
  • Look for the gold. Our mind may gravitate toward looking for the negative in a situation. Why not make it a habit to look for the gold in a situation? Every perceived ‘negative’ situation has an equally positive opportunity within it if you just make time to find it. Next time something “bad” happens (in your opinion), slow down your reaction time and  turn it into an opportunity to look for the gold.
  • Think long-term. Practice delayed gratification. Expecting something to happen instantly is unrealistic and immature. Learn to be more patient in waiting for outcomes and results. The results you expect to happen will happen as long as you stay the course, don’t give up, and keep moving progressively toward your goal.
  • Be cruel, rude, inconsiderate, ignorant, unkind, hurtful. I know that hurt people, hurt people, yet isn’t there already more than enough negativity, pain, and suffering in the world? Why add more negativity to the world? Do you really want that to return to you? It will. Those who are on a path of destruction will reach that destination unless they choose to change.
  • Train yourself to stop being so reactive. It can be hard at first to work on slowing down reaction time, especially if you’re a very emotional/impulsive person. It can be done though with effort and determination. The key is to meditate daily.
  • Be dishonest. Honesty really is the best policy in life & business. Those who are dishonest may hurt others and they also hurt themselves long term because there dishonest is eventually revealed. People don’t genuinely respect dishonest people.
  • Be self-centered. (narcissistic) This is a childish trait that can take years to overcome if it’s become a habit. Mature, perceptive people can spot this a mile away and will likely head the other way. This trait repels quality people from your life. If you desire truly good friends, try learning to have genuine empathy and compassion instead.
  • Waste time. Don’t just go through the motions in your life.  If you are dealing with depression, I can relate since I dealt with it most of my life and have overcame and learned how to manage my state better.  The state of depression can sap the life out of you including ambition and motivation.  At this point in my life, I realize how many years I wasted being angry about the past which lead to frustration, anger, and depression because it is impossible to change what happened.  I now know I can change my perspective and do my best to let the past be in the past.  My focus is being present with what is happening now and setting goals that keep me moving toward a better future.


What do’s + do not’s would you add to this list?  Share a reply below and share this post with friends and family.

By William

William presently lives in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. He enjoys blogging, traveling, serving his clients, sharing insights, inspiration, pictures, and video.