To inspire + empower men to reduce stress and lead themselves to a happier more fulfilling life and share tools to do it themselves.


Hi.  My name is William R King.  I’ve succeeded in creating what I would consider many measurable successes in life & business despite dealing with bipolar disorder, bankruptcy, brief-homelessness, divorce, alcoholism, and a life-long struggle with anxiety, stress, depression + anger, etc to name a few challenges I’ve faced over the years.
I currently live in the Greater Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  I married the love of my life in May 2011 and she has inspired me to become a better person.
Natasha is an amazing woman of strong-will, determination, loyalty, and her support has given me the permission to become a better man.
The fact that she is so supportive of me growing my business and of my focusing on creating online content also encourages me to continue writing and sharing my knowledge and experience with the world.

William’s aim is to be transparent about who his, what he’s been thru, and the challenges he’s had to overcome on his path to inspire others to live a more fulfilling life.

William’s Story

I grew up mostly in BC, Canada and didn’t grow up in a wealthy family.  We always had everything we needed though.  My dad was self-employed.  He worked hard to provide for his family and as a result, we learned how to work and develop a good work ethic.
I found school to be very hard to deal with and accept probably because of my personality type (I am an Introvert.)
I learn more thru movement and less thru sitting still, therefore being taught in a classroom setting was extremely difficult and challenging for me.  In fact, I barely got my high school diploma.  After I graduated high school, it was off into the work force to find a job.
I went from job to job searching for something I could enjoy doing for years to come.  The ideal job/work environment seemed to elude me.
It took most of my 20’s to get sick and tired of jumping from job to job working in environments I couldn’t stand to finally decide what I really want is to start my own business.
Well, starting a business didn’t happen overnight.  It still took a number of years of working for other people’s businesses to finally work up the courage to quit my job and create my own successful window cleaning business.
It was scary to quit my job at that time (2012), yet I knew it was what I had to do in order to build my own business.  Thank goodness my wife was working at the time.  That ensured we had some income while I learned how to drum up business for my new company.
Now that I had fully made the commitment to build a window cleaning business, things started working out.  I made flyers and hand delivered them to houses in my neighbourhood.  I managed to get a few jobs.

“Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise” – William R King

As I took action regularly working on my window cleaning website, I began to see results.  Requests for quotes began rolling in.  The phone rang.  I was doing quotes and people were hiring me.
I was slowly learning through trial and error what worked by trying multiple methods of promoting my business.  My marketing and advertising budget was very small, yet I tried newspaper ads and various other types of advertising.
My first year in business for self was not spectacular, yet it was working.  I was really beginning to understand what worked and what I should invest my time and money in.
Now my business provides more than enough for my family.  My wife was able to quite her job in my second year of business.  We can afford to have multiple vacations/getaways a year.  We are now in our 5th year of business for ourselves.
Since my small local business is now stable and providing nicely for my family, my goal is to play a bigger game moving forward.
Therefore, my intention for 2018 forward is to share the lessons I’ve learned in my life’s journey thru this website.
My hope/intention is that this content will create a positive ripple in people’s lives.

William believes that if he can overcome personal adversities and rise to higher levels in life and business, then so can you no matter what challenging circumstances you may currently be facing.

Therefore this website will be my focus for sharing life lessons I’ve learned in the form of insights, inspiration, knowledge, documents, training video’s, and guided meditations.
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Thanks for visiting. I hope you find value in the experiences, life-lessons, inspirational quotes, and video’s shared.